Education and Job Background

After taking in graphic design in 2003 I started the designing. At this time, I managed to take some degrees on the technical degree of design and graphic ( the top rate) in 2004, operating system fundamental in 2004, construction principles, PC troubleshooting and assembly in 2005 and the training certificate of creative advertisement, advertisement and marketing in 2015. Meanwhile (from 2003 on) I developed my skills in design and advertisement and printing services and more recently in branding and marketing also I was working with some private, state, semi-states and personal companies directly or indirectly as the following.

  • The Army Air Corps

    From December 2007 to march 2008 (about 15 months) I was holding the photography position in the enforcement unit and I was working in designing art and culture projects in the A,S unit when needed.




    From April 2009 to June 2013 (about 5 years) I was busy doing activities on designing in the advertisement domain in this center.

  • The Ara Cellulose Print and Packaging Factory in Fars

    From 2013 for one year, I worked in the design and etch factory unit with the flexography system and I could gain a great command on the flexography and following that the offset print help me a lot to gained more experiences.

  • Motosel Motor Oil Company

    From July 2014, I started working at the Motosel company and I continued there for 16 months in the advertisement unit. Since it has huge amount of advertisement, it provided an appropriate ground for me to improve better and I never got tired because it was highly diverse and I had the best time there.

  • Atlas Peymayesh Company

    After one year working on my own business and gaining more experiences, I started working in this company in November 2016. I restarted in the design and advertisement section and now I’m working there to gain more and more.

  • Atlas Peymayesh Company

    This company is the sub-branch of the Atlas Peymayesh company and the advertisement of this company is on me as well.